Foresight Energy

Foresight Energy relocated their corporate headquarters from Palm Beach, Florida to the 26th floor of Metropolitan Square. Foresight wished to convey the story of coal; both above and below ground. Design elements include a coal wall water feature, a boardroom table that features chunks of coal in the center trough and an eight screen video wall that tells the story of the coal process. The project exemplifies ‘one man’s floor is another man’s ceiling.’

Size: 18,000 SF
Client: Foresight Energy
Contractor: Paric Corporation


‘I feel fortunate to work for a company whose corporate philosophy so closely mirrors my own. We never do anything halfway; we take it as far as it can go. We do not accept mediocrity; we keep working until we can give our clients the BEST possible solution. That’s who we are.’

Ashley Rau
Project Manager
Gray Design Group