our innovation

Gray Design Group is always on the forefront, researching the latest materials, technology and design techniques in order to provide the most aesthetic, value-added and environmentally-friendly solutions available.

Building Information Modeling

BIM is an innovative method to seamlessly bridge communication within the architecture, engineering and construction industries.
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Whether a project is seeking LEED certification or not, we feel that sustainable design practices should be considered whenever possible.
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Digital and physical models help clients ‘see more’ early in our projects.
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‘It is a privilege working alongside our diverse and talented professionals. This makes it a pleasure to share our visions with our tremendous list of clients and allows us to form new partnerships with their expectations in our grasp to be exceeded. I continue to be proud of our ability to perform on so many different project types and our ability to maintain the leading edge.’

Steven Kuhlmann
Vice President Operations
Gray Design Group