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Tubular USA's New Logo Artwork
Tubular USA's New Logo on Building
Collage of Tubular USA's Logo

Tubular USA


Brand Design + Development

Project Overview:

Tubular USA, a prominent pipe and tube supplier, partnered with Gray Design Group’s Branding + Graphic Design (B+G) Studio to reimagine their logo. The redesign cleverly integrates the intricate details of piping, coating and tubes, reflecting the industry’s technical diversity. Embracing the company’s American roots, the logo’s color palette in Old Glory blue and red exudes patriotism, invoking a sense of reliability and pride. Gray designed the logo with scalability in mind, opting for a modern yet timeless font for adaptability across various mediums like trucks, embroidery and digital platforms. To unify the logo’s graphic elements and to emphasize distinctive graphic components, Gray refined the letterforms to bring uniformity throughout the entire logo, creating a sophisticated visual identity for Tubular USA. Learn more about the architecture and interior design services >

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