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Our approach to providing expert design services is rooted in the belief that architecture, interiors, planning and branding are essential components to overall project success. We believe disciplines should not be treated as phases that happen sequentially, but should be integrated from day one.

ortho missouri x-ray room and tech station


Gray Design Group’s medical experience encompasses multiple project types, including premier office suites, advanced surgery centers and diagnostic facilities. Clean, modern and bright interiors uplift and create an environment that emphasizes restorative care. Complex requirements and regulations surround healthcare facilities, and special care must be given to designing spaces that meet these strict guidelines.

Using a patient-focused approach, functionality, efficiency and comfort are top priorities for our medical buildings. Clear wayfinding and thoughtfully planned graphics aid in visitor and staff navigation alike. We work hand-in-hand with doctors and medical staff to create a space that meets their specific needs and mission of care.

Motion Orthopaedics medical architecture interior design
St. Louis Sinus Center medical architecture interior design

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Our expert team can help you build a new facility, create an engaging environment and develop a unique brand with innovative design solutions. At Gray, We See More™.