Integrated Design Experts

Our approach to providing expert design services is rooted in the belief that architecture, interiors, planning and branding are essential components to overall project success. We believe disciplines should not be treated as phases that happen sequentially, but should be integrated from day one.


Working with a variety of faith-based groups, Gray’s portfolio of worship spaces spans from small start-up churches to organizations with multiple regional locations. Each house of worship design should reflect the unique vision and mission of the church. Our process prioritizes staff and leadership insight to thoroughly understand the culture and specific needs of the congregation. Based on this insight, our team develops a detailed plan for a relevant and inviting space where spiritual growth can blossom.

Relevant, modern spaces for worship start with inspiring interiors and clear wayfinding that welcome both first-time visitors and regular attendees. Sanctuaries are equipped with the latest technology to enhance the worship experience. Cozy nurseries, early childhood classrooms and vibrant teen spaces provide age-appropriate environments for young attendees to thrive. Cafes and coffee bars offer guests an additional place to connect and fellowship. Back of house and office spaces are centered around flexibility and functionality. Each space is designed with purpose and thoughtful consideration to allow for meaningful interaction and spiritual development.

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How Can We Help?

Our expert team can help you build a new facility, create an engaging environment and develop a unique brand with innovative design solutions. At Gray, We See More™.