Integrated Design Experts

Our approach to providing expert design services is rooted in the belief that architecture, interiors, planning and branding are essential components to overall project success. We believe disciplines should not be treated as phases that happen sequentially, but should be integrated from day one.

avenir housing interior design architecture


From luxury four-bedroom apartments to cozy studios, Gray’s experience with multifamily and mixed-use developments spans a wide range of living arrangements. In our multifamily projects, we seek to provide unique amenities, connectivity to greenspace and design features that encourage movement and interaction.

Our mixed-use developments often include hundreds of apartments, multiple lounge and co-working spaces, fitness studios, pools and outdoor amenities, rooftop bars and street-level retail and restaurant space. Gray’s student housing experience, both on and off campus, includes fraternity and sorority buildings, inclusive international student villages and sleek high-rise apartments.

Gray is familiar with a variety of development financing requirements and is accustomed to assisting owners with HUD financing, historic preservation grants and more. Even if LEED® certification is not pursued, Gray regularly implements sustainable practices in housing projects. Several of our multifamily projects received the Enterprise Green Communities criteria award and Energy Star certifications.

avenir housing interior design architecture

How Can We Help?

Our expert team can help you build a new facility, create an engaging environment and develop a unique brand with innovative design solutions. At Gray, We See More™.