Integrated Design Experts

Our approach to providing expert design services is rooted in the belief that architecture, interiors, planning and branding are essential components to overall project success. We believe disciplines should not be treated as phases that happen sequentially, but should be integrated from day one.

Boost Your Brand

Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness or strategically improve the workplace experience, our branding and graphic design specialists deliver truly integrated designs that position clients for future growth. Authentic, innovative branding is an essential component to success in today’s business climate. Working with a comprehensive service design partner that understands the importance of brand continuity, messaging and aesthetics can boost your efforts to outshine the competition.

brinkmann constructors environmental graphics
national communications company interior design and graphics and branding

Immersive Experience

Exceptional branding and graphics enrich both the visitor and employee experience alike. Purposeful design infused throughout the space supports and enhances a firm’s core values, mission and vision. Creating an inspiring environment not only increases employee engagement, and therefore productivity, but also provides a memorable, pleasant encounter for potential and current clients. When a brand comes to life in a dynamic, captivating way, it leaves a lasting impression.

Cohesive Strategy

Digital, print and in-person encounters with an organization should be seamlessly navigated by clients and prospects across multiple platforms. Whether someone is visiting the office, receiving print communications or perusing your website, clarity in brand voice and key elements need to flow effortlessly from one medium to the next. As a comprehensive branding firm, Gray can decipher what makes your brand unique and harness that power to build your brand from the ground up.

Branding + Graphic Design Services Include:

Brand Strategy, Creation + Integration

Messaging, Positioning + Content

Environmental Graphics

Signage, Wayfinding + Planning

Website Design + Development

Print Design + Development

How Can We Help?

Our expert team can help you build a new facility, create an engaging environment and develop a unique brand with innovative design solutions. At Gray, We See More™.