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East Alton School District: Elementary + Middle School

Client: Omni Energy Partners

Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics in Cafe in East Alton School


Gray transformed the common areas in East Alton Middle School and Eastwood Elementary School with a vibrant environmental graphics package designed to inspire students, promote school spirit and provide branded meeting spaces for the public.

Elevating the Cafe Experience

The elementary school cafe’s bright and fun food-focused vector graphics add a playful vibe to the area and stimulate the students’ appetites. The cloud-shaped acoustic panels effectively reduce sound reverberation in the loud, busy cafeteria, creating a more peaceful and conducive environment for dining and socializing.

Environmental Graphics in Cafe in East Alton School
Environmental Graphics in Cafe in East Alton School
Creating a Multifunctional Space

The middle school cafe also serves as a public meeting space, providing a unique opportunity to develop messaging suitable for broad audiences of parents, students, stakeholders and the public. Gray designed a bold mix of elements in high-traffic areas that integrated the brand logo and color palette and featured strong messaging to motivate and inspire.

Environmental Graphics in Cafe in East Alton School


Gray’s vibrant environmental graphics boost student engagement, morale and community pride, aligning with the client’s goals of creating a positive educational environment.

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