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Olia Village Main Street Rendering
Olia Village Looking NE 10 20 2023
Olia Village Looking NW 10 20 2023
Olia Village Looking SE 10 20 20232
Olia Village Looking SW 10 20 20232

Olia Village

Client: Fireside Financial


Hospitality, Housing, Retail + Workplace


Fireside Financial


97 Acres

Project Overview:

Fireside Financial partnered with Gray Design Group to craft a master plan and brand for a 97-acre development on the former Bayer Campus at the Olive and Lindbergh Boulevard intersection. Positioned as the “Heart of Creve Coeur,” Olia Village offers a premier lifestyle community conveniently located in the center of the metropolitan area. The master plan for this vibrant community offers a diverse blend of restaurants, retail spaces, trails, offices and residences while conscientiously preserving the natural landscape. Integrating public art and outdoor recreational areas fosters well-being and community connections within a pedestrian-friendly environment. The thoughtful street design prioritizes easy access, supported by ample structured parking facilities. Gray’s transformation of the former 217,000-square-foot Monsanto G office building into 190 multifamily units embraces sustainability while honoring the site’s agricultural heritage. Additional residential units and townhomes provide diverse housing options to encourage a multi-generational community. Olia Village also features over 427,000 square feet of retail space, 462,000 square feet of office space, 51,000 square feet allocated for dining and two hotels offering approximately 260 accommodations. Gray’s simultaneous development of the master plan and brand provides a cohesive experience, aligning architectural standards with the brand’s essence. This integrated approach pays homage to the site’s rich heritage while embracing a contemporary vision for urban living, seamlessly blending historical significance with innovative design.

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