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Novus International Headquarters

Client: Novus International

Interior Architecture | Interior Design

novus international workplace interior design architecture


Gray designed Novus International’s new global headquarters to emphasize their operational focus, particularly the extensive laboratory space that occupies half of the headquarters.






40,000 SF


ISC Contracting

novus international workplace interior design architecture
Focused on the Future

Collaborating with HERA, Gray aimed to enhance daily efficiencies within the labs and create an office environment that prioritizes amenities. Windows showcasing the lab allows clients and vendors to observe operations during tours.

Design for the Modern Workplace

The café collaboration space features a suspended large-scale custom molecule display and molecule details embedded in the carpet, reflecting Novus’ brand identity. Creating this space required close coordination with the internal branding team to ensure brand consistency.

novus international workplace interior design architecture
novus international workplace interior design architecture

The new space is more focused on R&D and efficiency to help further our commitment to innovation. It’s a space that truly provides us the opportunity to develop and formulate intelligent, next-generation solutions to support the ever-changing landscape of our customers in the animal agriculture industry.”

Paula Fisher, Manager of Analytical Services + R&D

Novus International

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